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The research of the Tianhua Institute focuses on energy-savings, environment protections and technically advanced production equipment in line with national industrial policies. All R&D tasks for localization of assembly equipment, such as large ethylene cracking furnace, million-ton large PTA dryer, 200KTA extruder, large labyrinth compressor, have been included as priorities during the 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-2010).

In the petrochemical industry, the manufacturing capacity and technical level of the special-purpose equipment have reached a considerable scale. A majority of the petrochemical general-purpose equipment is designed and manufactured by the institute itself. Some equipment close to international advanced levels has been exported.

The R&D and localization of large and key petrochemical equipment has promoted the development and product restructuring of the petrochemical equipment manufacturing industry, supported numerous large petrochemical equipment manufacturing companies, such as Chemical Machinery Works of Sinopec Nanjing Chemical Industrial Co and China First Heavy Industries (CHFI). Nevertheless, production capacity of large and major petrochemical equipment remains inadequate and a large quantity of major and key petrochemical equipment must get imported.

In next few years, the institute will combine the process with equipment, imports with innovations, and automation with equipment, and focus on the development and localization of major energy-savings, consumption-reductions, safety and environment friendly technical equipment, research and develop complete sets of large electromechanical technical equipment and promote the industrialization of new technologies. 

Major business: Rubber & plastics machinery, Compressors, Drying equipments, Electrochemical anticorrosive equipments, Anti-corrosion devices, One-piece electrolytic bath, Electronic control,Instruments, Automated engineering, Powder engineering and devices, Mechanical seals, Valve technology, Industrial furnaces, Waste-heat boilers, Pressure vessel design, Corrosion inhibition technology and chemical cleaning, Pressure pipe inspection, Organic waste gas treatment devices, Flue gas denitration equipments, MLM ceramic packing , Corrosion protection and heat resistance resin.

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