Scientific Research Team

1.    The Research Institute of Rubber and Plastic Machinery leads a high-tech R&D team and serves as the birthplace of the Chinese co-rotating twin-screw extruder.

2.    The Research Institute of Pump Technology invented a labyrinth compressor design software package and founded a standard graphics library. Its 1~4-labyrinth compressors technology has filled a gap in its field for the country, and has been applied to a large ethylene production device in Tianjin.

Its other invention, the compressor capacity regulation system, fills a national gap, while fulfilling its energy-savings goals.

3.    The Research Institute of Powder Engineering and Equipment Technology is the nation's first professional research institution involved in the field of powder post-treatment, and the first to introduce concepts of "powder machinery" and "powder engineering". It is engaged in the research of product particles, steam energy-savings and pipeline filtering instruments and equipment.

Over the years, the institute has conducted systematic R&D work and developed many complete sets of process technologies and equipment, such as equipment of solid-liquid separation, granulation and drying.

4.    The Research Institute of Drying Technology is an essential institute of the company with many advantages. It has undertaken numerous national R&D tasks

5.    The Research Institute of Waste Heat Boilers: The horizontal flexible thin tube plate waste heat boiler was developed by the institute to reach advanced international standards and is applied to methanol units, ammonia synthesis and hydrogen production devices. Its bayonet tube waste heat boiler had been applied to the three-way catalytic unit of Dalian Petrochemical Company.

6.    The Research Institute of Corrosion Electrochemical Engineering and Equipment is the cradle of anodic protection technology in the country and has made many achievements in its technology industrial applications. It is famous for anodic protection concentrated sulfuric acid cooler technology.

7.    The Research Institute of Pipeline Technology is engaged in pipeline corrosion protections and heat preservation technologies. Its research covers the pipeline transmission and corrosion protections of basic civil objects, chemical, oil, gas and coal mine.

8.    The Research Institute of Anti-Corrosion Engineering Technology holds strength in the domestic anti-corrosion research field. It has undertaken a key technology project, which passed a technical appraisal organized by the former ministry of the chemical industry. It revised three industrial standards. Since 2004, it has remained dedicated to the study of major scientific projects of Gansu province. Its invention, vinyl resin concrete electrolyzer, has been authorized as a national patent.

9.    The Research Institute of Cleaning Technology is the only institute specialized in the cleaning technologies of industrial and civil equipment and has passed ISO9001 quality system certification. The inventions - Lan-5, Lan-826, Lan-257C and TH-901 technologies - have won prizes issued by the State Commission of Science and Technology. Over the years, the institute has applied these technologies in various sectors and fields of the national economy, such as petroleum; chemical industry; mine and metallurgy; machinery manufacturing, light industry and textile, nuclear reactors, electronic information and pharmaceutical production.

10.    The Technical Testing Center of Pressure Pipelines and Petrochemical Equipment is responsible for quality supervision and inspections of major petrochemical and coal chemical equipment manufactured or used in the country. It has supervised and inspected nearly 10,000 pieces of equipment. 

11.    The Research Institute of Measurement and Control is specialized in the research, development, manufacturing and industrial application of radioactive instrumentation. After nearly three decades of R&D, it has formed radioactive instrumentation for various industries. It has used nearly 1,000 sets of radioactive instruments in oil, chemicals, building materials, metallurgical, polyester and chemical fiber industries.

12.    The Research Institute of Automation Instrumentation is responsible for the R&D of complete online chromatographic and analytical instrument systems. Its complete analytical instrument systems have been applied to many large chemical devices.

13.    The Research Institute of Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment is engaged in the development and sales of industrial heat and mass transfer ceramic fillers, corrosion resistant organic macromolecular resin products and the new-generation of COD water quality detectors. It designs processes and solutions of organic waste gas treatment equipment. It passed certification of the ISO9001 international quality management system in 2003 and has obtained Chinese and the USA utility model patents. Its products could be found in 20 countries and regions.

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