Scientific and technological achievements since its founding:

The State-level SHJ series co-rotating twin screw extruders solve technical problems related to mixing and extrusion of functional plastics, such as plastic modifications and pelletizing, mixing and extrusion of thermosetting resins, reinforcement of glass fiber. It has replaced imported products to expand its markets both at home and abroad.

The large series of drying equipments is a major breakthrough in the field, to fill a national gap in the area.

Its technical performances have a good standing compared with similar foreign products and won an award for excellent scientific and technological achievements of the National Key Technology R&D Program.

The state-level new products, "anodic protection concentrated sulfuric acid cooler"has changed the current situation of frequent accidents, serious pollution and over-occupied land use during the production and cooling of sulfuric acid, which serves as a substitute for imported products.

Independently developed technology for heat preservation of buried steel pipelines and mechanical cladding and winding of their external anticorrosive layers has been widely applied to oil, gas and coal-based gas transmission pipelines and urban thermal pipe networks to make a major contribution to national science and technology sectors.

The CBL-type ethylene-cracking furnace was jointly developed with SINOPEC and other related organizations to expand and upgrade ethylene units of petrochemical enterprises and won many national related technology awards.

The development of "hermetically sealed circular labyrinth compressor unit" – a national key technical equipment R&D project in the 9th Five-Year Plan (1996-2000) - fills a national technical gap in this field. It can substitute imported products and has been successfully applied to many large ethylene and propylene units. It won an award issued by four ministries and commissions under the State Council.

The series corrosion-inhibition cleaning technologies has been independently developed by the institute to solve many relevant technical problems about the cleaning of insoluble scale of petrochemicals, power and chemical fertilizer production devices to boost the national science and technology.

It has developed a method for safety monitoring of the destruction of austenitic stainless steel equipment induced by stress corrosion and solved technical problems about the detection and monitoring of hydrogen sulfide stress corrosion of heavy water production units and upgrade the operational safety and reliability of units. It won a national prize for science and technology invention.

MLM honeycomb structured ceramics packing was granted US and Chinese patents. It is widely applied to the organic waste gas treatment unit – RTO. They get exported to the US and Europe. It won third prize for progress of science and technology issued by the Ministry of Chemical Industry.

HZ series industrial chromatographs had been applied to large online composition analyzers of petrochemical, oil refining, metallurgical, power and environment friendly production units. Its technical indicators have reached advanced international levels, which are ideal models to substitute imported instruments. They have entered the global market to gain recognition from at home and abroad.

The chemical process, DCS, had been developed by the company and its software technology has been successfully applied to the petrochemical, ion-exchange membrane process, ammonia synthesis and synthetic rubber production units. The enterprise has won many major domestic awards.

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