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Chemical Engineering & Machinery

The NSTC–authorized Chemical Engineering & Machinery started its publication in 1974 and bimonthly issued to the public at home and abroad and Tianhua Chemical Machinery and Automation Institute Co., Ltd. (formerly Chemical Machinery Research Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry) sponsors it.  

Since 1988, the Chemical Engineering & Machinery has become the source journals of statistic sources of Chinese science and technology papers and up to now, it enjoys this honor still. In 2004, the Chemical Engineering & Machinery was selected as the MST’s “Core Journal of Chinese Science and Technology” and came into the Chinese Science and Technology Journal Digest Database (CSTA, English edition). The "Full-text Disc and Database for China Academic Journals", which enjoying importance in authoritatively constructing both journal literature resources and evaluation data in China, covers "China Journal Net(CJN)", "China Academic Journals (CAJCD)", " Comprehensive Evaluation Database for Chinese Academic Journals", "Chinese Science Citation Database(CSCD)", "Chinese Humanities and Social Science Citation Database", etc.  The Chemical Engineering & Machinery won some national, ministerial and provincial awards for many times as follows: in 2019, it’s awarded with the title of "Excellent Journal for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China", the title of "Top 100 National Petroleum and Chemical Journals" and "Top 50 National Petroleum and Chemical Academic Journals" in 2020.  

The Chemical Engineering & Machinery focuses on both development plans and technical policies concerning chemical machinery and related fields, timely reports achievements in the chemical machinery, applicable technologies, experiences in the technical improvement and equipment renovation, scientific and technical information and development trends thereof so as to play a full role in promoting the development of chemical equipment. All papers it covered can provide reference for petrochemical and chemical design institutes and research institutes, petrochemical enterprises, oil refineries, chemical plants, fertilizer plants and adjacent pharmaceutical, light industry, power, machinery and other research and design units and enterprises, and they can be read by research personnel, technical workers, teachers and students of colleges and universities in related industries.

The Chemical Engineering & Machinery mainly repots the following topics:1.Those covered by the chemical machinery production and research like the new technologies, new equipment, new materials research and development, innovation of old plants, digging potentials and industrializing both scientific and technological achievements, as well as energy saving, environmental protection, comprehensive utilization and the advanced technologies and experiences relating to production security; 2.Both production and technical level, research and development trends of foreign chemical equipment that domestic enterprises aimed at; the applicable technologies in China's chemical equipment manufacturing and research. 3. Digestion and absorption of imported chemical equipment and technologies and their localization. 4. Basic theories which guiding present manufacturing and scientific research of chemical equipment and having an important role in their later development.

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