Scientific Awards

Since building a courtyard, the hospital has made great achievements in science and technology 407, among them, won the National Science Conference award, the National Invention Award and national progress award 34, won the 167 provincial and ministerial level awards, 81 national patents, 3 patents in the United States of america.

Our hospital has chemical process machinery of professional master's degree to grant right, and the right to direct the right of foreign trade and overseas personnel, and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.Holding the Chinese engineering consulting issued by national unity ( Grade A ), ( b ) supervision of engineering construction, engineering design ( b ), the design of pressure vessels ( three ), pressure vessel manufacturing ( three ), building enterprise anticorrosive insulation engineering contractor ( level two), boiler and pressure vessel and pressure pipe and special equipment inspection and licensing card, a national laboratory accreditation certificate, the National Metrology authentication certificate, measurement equipment manufacturing license, work permit, certificate of radioactive isotope.Chemical industry of non-metallic materials and equipment quality supervision and inspection center, chemical industry instrument quality supervision and inspection center, the National Non-metallic Chemical Equipment Standardization Technical Committee twelve industry center, committee of Affiliated Hospital, editing and publishing the national core journals " chemical industry instrument and automation ", " chemical machinery ".The establishment of the Gansu province drying engineering technology research center, the establishment of the laboratory 25, can undertake research and development work of all kinds of chemical production equipment.The average annual major research projects for national and industry 40.

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