The large-scale wound tube heat exchanger of the 890000 T / a aromatics project supervised by Nanjing tripartite successfully passed the joint acceptance

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Recently, the isomerization feed heat exchanger (net weight of a single unit is about 493 tons) for the 890000 T / a aromatics project of China Petrochemical Jiujiang Branch, supervised by Nanjing Sanfang Chemical Equipment Supervision Co., Ltd. affiliated to Tianhua Institute and undertaken by Zhenhai Petrochemical Jian'an Engineering Co., Ltd., passed the joint acceptance of Jiujiang petrochemical, Nanjing Sanfang and Zhenhai Jian'an.

Isomerization feed heat exchanger of 89000t / a aromatics project of Jiujiang Branch of Sinopec: main equipment specification Φ five thousand three hundred and fifty × 65/45 × eleven thousand three hundred and fifty × 24000mm, the maximum outer diameter of skirt is 7440mm, the main material is 12cr2mo1r / s32168, and the unit weight is about 493t. It is the winding heat exchanger equipment with large specification and unit weight in Sinopec project.

As the core equipment of the 890000 T / a aromatics project of Jiujiang Petrochemical, the isomerization feed heat exchanger is the top priority of the supervision task. The equipment has manufacturing difficulties such as large tonnage, special materials and complex structure. Before the implementation of the project supervision, the three parties in Nanjing carefully organized special meetings on major equipment supervision and conducted equipment supervision disclosure, appointed experienced project managers and resident supervisors, and established a wechat group to communicate with the project and communicate and coordinate the problems existing in equipment manufacturing at any time.

In the process of equipment manufacturing supervision, the supervisor shall control the equipment manufacturing process in strict accordance with the requirements of drawings, technical agreement, manufacturing supervision outline, manufacturing supervision rules and other documents (material inspection, including quality certificate review, re inspection report review, marking and opening of equipment shell, general assembly of core and shell, assembly of pipe box and shell, patrol inspection of welding process, etc.); At the same time, fill in the supervision log, supervision rules, prepare daily supervision report, weekly supervision report and other documents according to the requirements of the company, communicate with the supplier about the problems and progress lag in the process of equipment manufacturing, and feed back to the project manager and the owner in time. In order to meet the requirements of the owner's delivery period, the resident supervision engineer gives up weekends and holidays, actively cooperates with the supplier to carry out relevant inspection activities according to the inspection and test plan, and even carries out on-site witness for key nodes, such as pressure test, leakage test, etc. all night to confirm that each detail inspection meets the requirements.

The project will last for one year from July 2020 to July 2021. The supervision engineers carried forward the spirit of overcoming difficulties and cooperating with each other, worked overtime and fulfilled their duties, and finally successfully completed the supervision task of the project.

Nanjing Sanfang Chemical Equipment Supervision Co., Ltd. (i.e. chemical industry equipment quality supervision and inspection center) has been engaged in major equipment engineering supervision, consultation, inspection, detection, physical and chemical test and arbitration inspection for a long time. Its initial purpose is to ensure the quality and safety of major equipment. Since its establishment for 40 years, it has been committed to the quality inspection and progress expediting service of third-party petrochemical equipment manufacturing, never forgetting its original heart, bearing in mind its mission, working hard for the safety of equipment engineering projects wholeheartedly, and playing a role of escort for the normal operation of core key equipment of petrochemical projects.

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