Senior expert group of Sinopec Group went to the company for investigation

来源: 天华院

On July 20, 2021, the chief and senior experts of Sinopec equipment and the technical expert groups of relevant enterprises under Sinopec made a special trip to Tianhua Institute to discuss and exchange new materials and core equipment.

Sun Zhongxin, chairman of Tianhua Institute, warmly welcomed the arrival of the expert group. President sun introduced the recent development of Tianhua Institute, reviewed the good cooperation foundation between SINOPEC and Tianhua Institute for many years and a number of scientific and technological achievements formed through joint technological innovation, solved a number of "neck sticking" problems, significantly improved the localization rate of equipment, and promoted the high-quality development of the industry. President Sun said that in the future, the two sides will continue to deepen innovation cooperation on the existing basis and continue to form new achievements.

During the exchange, Zhao Xu, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Tianhua Institute, thanked Sinopec Group for its long-term support and trust in the development of Tianhua Institute. Tianhua Institute will make full use of the platform role of the Institute of chemical machinery and automation and the Institute of industrial furnace jointly established by the two sides to constantly explore breakthroughs in core equipment in the field of new materials, especially degradable resins, based on existing technologies, Provide technical guarantee for high-quality green development of the industry.

The Sinopec research team highly appreciates the contribution of Tianhua Institute in the localization of chemical equipment and instruments for a long time, and hopes that Tianhua institute can fully grasp the historical opportunity of transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry and promote the green development led by the new material industry through technological innovation. The two sides will further strengthen cooperation and jointly break through the technical bottleneck in the future, Make new contributions to the development of Sinopec and even China's petrochemical industry.

During the discussion and exchange, the two sides fully discussed the technologies and products of common interest, and expressed their willingness to continue collaborative research on key technologies and carry out comprehensive cooperation in the field of new materials.

The main person in charge of drying and rubber and plastic specialty of the company attended the meeting.

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