The project 3# furnace of Zhenhai base manufactured under the supervision of three parties in Nanjing was successfully ignited at one time

来源: 天华院

On July 21, 2021, the Zhenhai base project 3# boiler supervised by the third party of Nanjing affiliated to Tianhua Institute was successfully ignited at one time. It is confirmed by the contractor Sichuan boiler that this is a domestic high-capacity 410t / h ultra-high pressure multi fuel gas boiler.

four × 410t / h Gas-fired Boiler is the main utility unit of the supporting construction of Zhenhai base project. It can provide ultra-high pressure steam, high pressure steam, medium pressure steam and low pressure steam for 2# ethylene and other units. It can also make rational use of steam for power generation according to steam balance and provide necessary power guarantee. It is also the first main unit put into operation in the whole base project, It is one of the boilers with the most complex combustion conditions in China.

Entrusted by the material and equipment department of Sinopec, Nanjing tripartite manufacturing supervision project team visited the whole process of steam drum, water wall system, superheater system, economizer system, steel structure, air preheater and other key points according to the manufacturing supervision outline, went deep into the front line of equipment manufacturing, fully and thoroughly understood the equipment drawings and technical documents, and eliminated more than 10 typical quality problems in the process, Four or five progress warnings and three special quality meetings were held. From the delivery of steel structure on May 26, 2020 to the delivery of all 4 boilers by March 2021, it has created a new execution record of similar projects of Sinopec, carried forward the spirit of "corner a and corner B are the protagonists, front line and second line are the front lines, and Party A and Party B are one party" put forward by Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd., and successfully realized 5# natural gas drying in the power center, Lay a solid foundation for the overall victory of the commissioning at the end of the year.

The successful operation of the key power equipment 3# furnace of Zhenhai base project has driven the Zhenhai base project to speed up the pace of production and launch a general attack towards the goal of "striving 9.30 and anchoring 12.30". At the same time, Nanjing tripartite will also make persistent efforts in the field of gas-fired boiler supervision and reach a new high!

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