The research group of Shandong Jingbo holding group came to the company for discussion and exchange

来源: 天华院

On July 23, 2021, the research team of Shandong Jingbo Holding Group Co., Ltd. came to the company to conduct research and exchange on the core technology and equipment of new materials. The members of the research team include the main principals of Jingbo Poe company and industrial equipment supply chain branch.

Zhao Xu, deputy general manager of Tianhua Institute, warmly welcomed the arrival of the research group. He said that as one of China's top 500 enterprises, Shandong Jingbo Holding Group Co., Ltd. is the leading enterprise in China's chemical industry. As a high-end chemical equipment service provider, Tianhua Institute has a good foundation for cooperation with Shandong Jingbo holding group, and has provided various solutions such as drying, waste heat recovery, plastic modification and online analysis for all subordinate enterprises of Jingbo group, The cooperation between the two sides in the field of new materials has achieved initial results and is the key direction of further cooperation.

Dong Quanwen, general manager of Poe company of Shandong Jingbo holding group, fully affirmed the all-round equipment and instrument service capability of Tianhua Institute and the actual application performance of products. He said that Tianhua Institute has strong technical strength and has made excellent achievements in the localization of chemical equipment and automation instruments for a long time. In the future, Jingbo group will further strengthen its cooperation with Tianhua Institute. It is hoped that Tianhua Institute will always uphold the concept of science first and make more outstanding contributions to the high-quality development in the field of new materials.

During the investigation, Shandong Jingbo Holding Group Co., Ltd. and his delegation visited the experimental devices and cultural wall construction in the hospital area, and had a deeper exchange on the development of new materials.

The main person in charge of drying and rubber and plastic specialty of the company attended the meeting.

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