Three scientific and technological development projects of the company passed the appraisal

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On August 28, 2020, three development projects jointly undertaken by Tianhua Institute and Sinopec catalyst Co., Ltd., namely, development of large equipment for molecular sieve hydrothermal synthesis reactor, development of heat pump distillation deamination technology for Refinery Catalyst wastewater, and Research on thermal efficiency evaluation method and energy saving of calciner, jointly undertaken by Tianhua Institute and Sinopec catalyst Co., Ltd., passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements organized by the Ministry of science and technology of Sinopec.

"Large scale equipment development of molecular sieve hydrothermal synthesis reactor" is mainly based on the influence of operating conditions on product quality. Through numerical simulation and optimization of key structures, the mass transfer of the reactor after scale-up was enhanced. Its self-developed mechanical seal technology with balance and temperature control system can effectively solve the sealing failure caused by gas-phase medium penetration and uniform temperature control of reaction temperature. The industrial operation of 5M3 reactor shows that the crystallization temperature of the reactor is controlled accurately to ± 1 , the stirring effect is excellent, there is no solid wall hanging phenomenon, the mechanical seal has no leakage, the molecular sieve quality is stable, the crystallinity is high and there is no impurity crystal. The development of the project has made a positive contribution to promote the industrial application of domestic catalyst equipment with independent intellectual property rights.

"Development of heat pump distillation ammonia removal technology for Refinery Catalyst wastewater" is based on the existing heat pump flash steam extraction and deamination technology, and through the integration of heat pump distillation technology, not only greatly reduces the steam consumption of ammonia production, but also produces a certain amount of ammonia while producing ammonium sulfate. The unit has been used in the production unit of 50000 tons FCC catalyst. The results of industrial application show that the operation is stable, the steam consumption, water consumption and electricity consumption are low, and they are lower than the design value and the required value. The concentration of ammonia water produced reaches 12%, and the ammonia nitrogen content in the discharged wastewater is less than or equal to 1mg / L, which is far below the national emission limit. The project can not only make the ammonia nitrogen wastewater discharge up to the standard, but also achieve remarkable energy saving effect, and realize the maximization of economic benefits by CO production of ammonia water and ammonia sulfate.

"Research on evaluation method and energy saving of roasting furnace thermal efficiency" establishes the calculation model and evaluation method of thermal efficiency of electric baking furnace and gas baking furnace, and verifies the accuracy of the model by comparing the measured data of baking furnace operation data with the calculation results of the model. Based on the analysis of the main factors affecting the thermal efficiency of the calciner, the sealing structure and discharge structure of the calciner are improved, so as to stabilize the operating pressure of the system. After the simulation and calculation, through spraying energy-saving materials on the inner and outer surface of calciner cylinder and heat preservation furnace, the surface heat loss is effectively reduced and the thermal efficiency is greatly improved. Up to now, two invention patents and one utility model patent have been applied for. The results of industrial application in Sinopec catalyst Co., Ltd. show that the deviation between the calculated results and the measured results of the thermal efficiency evaluation model is within ± 3%, which can be used as the basis for the evaluation of calciner. After the structure optimization and energy-saving transformation of the calciner, the thermal efficiency of the electric baking furnace is improved, the power consumption of catalyst products is reduced, and the thermal efficiency of the gas furnace is improved while the natural gas consumption is reduced. Therefore, the project not only improves the efficiency of the calciner, but also reduces the fuel consumption and flue gas emission, so as to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction. It conforms to the national industrial policy, improves the market core competitiveness of China's catalyst device, and has remarkable social and economic benefits.

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