Tianhuayuan VOCs waste gas treatment business development to achieve a new leap

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Recently, good news came from Lanzhou PetroChina Lubricating Oil Additive Co., Ltd. that the thermal incineration complete system (to incinerator) designed, installed and debugged by Tianhua Institute has passed environmental protection acceptance at one time, and the tail gas emissions after treatment are all better than the national emission standards. The completion of this project has achieved a great progress in cost control, equipment operation, installation and commissioning of Tianhua Institute, and made a qualitative leap in VOCs governance.

Lanzhou PetroChina Lubricating Oil Additive Co., Ltd. was built in the 1960s. It is one of the two major production bases of petroleum additives in China. The existing waste gas treatment facilities in the plant were built before the 1980s, and the devices were aging and outdated, which could not meet the current national and local environmental protection requirements. The second round of central environmental protection supervision also proposed rectification requirements. Therefore, Petrochina Lanzhou Lubricating Oil Additive Co., Ltd. immediately carried out rectification work. In view of the advanced experience in waste gas treatment, Tianhua Institute was finally determined to undertake the task.

At the beginning of the project, the Environmental Protection Institute of Tianhua Institute organized all staff to clear the division of labor, perform their respective duties, and work overtime to ensure the construction period. Due to the particularity of the project, the other party requires to complete the ignition before June 25, and meet the environmental emission requirements on June 30. In order to ensure the specific arrival time of the outsourcing equipment, the environmental protection institute sends special personnel to the outsourcing site. At the same time, the relevant personnel always communicate with the owner and the design institute to strengthen the control of each node of the site construction materials, equipment and other mobilization plans, so as to avoid affecting the construction progress. It is precisely because of this rigorous and serious working attitude that the main equipment of thermal incineration complete system arrived at the project installation site 30 days after signing the contract. The construction personnel worked hard day and night to finish the installation task in 8 days. On June 21, the one-time ignition was successful. The leaders of Lanzhou Sinopec Lubricating Oil Additive Co., Ltd. and CNPC headquarters highly appraised the implementation of Tianhua Institute's project.

In the increasingly fierce market competition, Tianhua Institute constantly innovates development ideas, learns from and absorbs advanced environmental protection technologies at home and abroad, practices the core concept of "science first and unity of knowledge and practice" of the group company, serves high-end users with one mind and works together. It has accumulated rich practical experience in VOCs management area, and has served domestic large petrochemical enterprises for many times Chemical industry VOCs governance occupies a leading position. With the accumulation of more and more petrochemical industry governance cases, the environmental protection business of Tianhua Institute is developing towards the goal of high-quality storage and growing into a large-scale domestic environmental comprehensive treatment service provider.

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