"Great power heavy equipment, digital Tianhua" -- Tianhua Institute successfully held a report meeting on digital platform construction scheme

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On the morning of September 8, the report meeting of the company's digital platform construction plan was successfully held in the conference room on the 12th floor of chemical machinery building. The company's main leaders, relevant functional departments, research institute heads, business units of Nanjing Tianhua, Nanjing tripartite, chemical inspection center, Suzhou Institute and other business units, and relevant personnel of ERP project team of the company attended the meeting, focusing on the report of UFIDA Network Technology Co., Ltd. on the digital platform construction scheme of Tianhua Institute.

According to the overall situation of the two-month survey, this report comprehensively and deeply analyzes the overall strategic planning, business process control requirements and ERP system construction scheme of Tianhua Institute. At the same time, it planning and construction principles of "strategic traction and data driven" of Tianhua Institute are pointed out, and the implementation and service guarantee of this project are introduced in detail. UFIDA Network Technology Co., Ltd. believes that the construction of information platform is of great significance for Tianhua Institute to achieve its strategic objectives, business transformation, organizational control and process optimization.

At the meeting, sun Zhongxin, chairman of the company, said that the informatization construction scheme was in line with the informatization development strategy of Tianhua Institute, pointing out the direction for the future informatization development of Tianhua Institute, and also affirmed the achievements made in the consultation stage of ERP project and the efforts of the project team. At the same time, Sun said that the consultation work is only the beginning, and the follow-up project implementation is the key. The next step is to implement the ERP project well, to ensure the smooth development of Tianhua Institute's economic operation.

In the future, both sides will actively promote the cooperation between the company and the company. After the implementation of the ERP project, it will coordinate all business lines of the company, integrate internal and external resources, enable management, increase efficiency and speed, and realize comprehensive information management and control at the company level.

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