Good news: new achievements under the new cooperation mode

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On June 24, 2021, the disc dryer of the ash treatment unit (Qinzhou) of the gas Island project of Guangxi Huayi energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. submitted by tianhuayuan and China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd. was successfully fed.

Class a design qualification is required for EPC project of ash treatment project. In order to undertake the project smoothly, the company and China Tianchen company jointly bid. After winning the bid, the two sides earnestly practiced the concept of "serving customers and creating excellent projects", combined the design and control ability of China Tianchen engineering with the equipment development, design, manufacturing and industrialization ability of Tianhua Institute, gave full play to external technical cooperation, worked together to tackle the gas Island project of Guangxi Huayi energy and Chemical Co., Ltd., and completed the design and manufacturing of ash treatment device. So far, the new cooperation mode of "Shuangtian Yihua" (tianhuayuan, tianchenyuan, Huayi energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. (Guangxi) was officially opened.

It is an attempt of a new cooperation mode to create a high-quality project. The ash drying device is mainly used to solve the problem of resource utilization of fine slag waste after coal gasification. The moisture content of ash dried by the device can be reduced from 50% to about 30%, and the treated ash does not drip, which can easily solve the transportation problem. Moreover, this kind of ash can continue to be used as auxiliary materials in building construction, coal briquette or boiler fuel to realize the multiple functions of environmental protection, construction of clear water and blue sky, turning waste into treasure and improving economic benefits, so as to provide assistance for the construction of environment-friendly chemical plants. In particular, its core key equipment disc dryer technology is of great significance to the energy saving and emission reduction of China's coal chemical industry, which can be widely promoted to the field of slime drying, and has a broad market prospect.

The smooth operation of the project shows that the new cooperation mode of "two days and one China" is conducive to concentrating superior resources to do big things, which is in line with the overall plan of win-win cooperation and conforms to the development requirements of the new era. The consortium mode can give full play to their respective strengths, not only provide an innovation platform for the large-scale drying equipment of Tianhua Institute, shorten the construction cycle, create a high-quality project, create a cooperative team, but also help Tianhua Institute to go out better, stabilize and expand the market, and build a century old excellent enterprise.

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