Open sharing: the company was invited to attend the technology promotion meeting of Wanhua chemical strategic suppliers

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On November 18, 2020, at the invitation of Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd., a professional technical team composed of Tianhua Institute gave a special lecture to the technicians of Wanhua global R & D center. Nearly 300 leaders and technicians including Hua weiqi, executive vice president of Wanhua chemical, and Cao Qingjun, chief engineer, attended the meeting.

This exchange meeting is not only a promotion meeting, but also a technical feast. The professional technical team composed of chief engineer Zhao Xu and others shared 13 core and cutting-edge technical achievements of Tianhua Institute in the fields of plastic modification technology, drying engineering technology, raw coal pretreatment and water recovery technology, sludge harmless treatment technology, waste heat boiler recovery technology, pipeline anti-corrosion and insulation engineering technology, and quality supervision and inspection of major equipment. These technologies are the accumulation of more than 60 years' technological innovation of the company, and they are the core technologies with great market advantages. They fully demonstrate the scientific and technological development strength of Tianhua Institute and the scientific development concept of endless innovation. Through this platform, Tianhua Institute presents its R & D strength and comprehensive service ability to existing customers and potential customers. With its own technical characteristics, high scientific and technological content, in line with the requirements of national environmental protection policies, and recognized by users with core competitiveness, it has won high praise from leaders and technical personnel at all levels in Wanhua international, and also made the participants deeply feel that Tianhua Institute is rooted in the northwest, fearless of geographical conditions, and always committed to independent R & D and innovation to meet the requirements of chemical R & D, design and production The state-owned enterprises need to bear the responsibility.

After the meeting, the two sides reached a consensus on further deepening cooperation. The two sides said that Wanhua chemical has a large demand for new product development, and needs strong equipment manufacturing enterprises to cooperate with research and development. Tianhua Institute just has great advantages in R & D and non-standard design, and can provide all-round solutions. One with demand and one with strength can create sparks of cooperation and achieve great results with joint efforts. Wanhua chemical's advanced management concept will also stimulate Tianhua Institute to continuously improve and enhance its own strength. By taking the train of Wanhua chemical's rapid development, it will grow together with Wanhua chemical to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Prior to this, the company has conducted business cooperation with Wanhua for many times, and won the honorary title of "excellent supplier - Joint Innovation Award" of Wanhua chemical group.


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