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Recently, the trade union and the Youth League Committee of Nanjing company, affiliated to the company, jointly carried out an expansion activity with the theme of "cohesion, winning in the team", aiming to cultivate the staff's sense of cooperation and communication and teamwork, exercise the strong will of employees, and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team.

There are four projects in this activity, including "ice breaking team building", "water intake in the air", "challenge for three minutes" and "rapid 60 seconds". With the loud whistle sounded, the three groups under the guidance of the coach, all the staff participated enthusiastically. Through communication and brainstorming within the group, the sparks of ideas were collided. Each group designed its own distinctive and meaningful flag and team name. After that, each group gave a wonderful display, and there were applause and laughter on the scene, and everyone's enthusiasm for participation was gradually ignited.

Then, each group immediately put into the project practice, everyone in the exercise constantly sum up experience, looking for the difficulties and key points of each project. For the project of "taking water from space", we should arrange reasonably according to the situation of the team members, trust each other, cooperate with each other, and successfully complete the relevant competition; "challenge three minutes" is composed of four small projects. In the short 15 minutes preparation time for practice, we need to explore and master the characteristics of each project, plan reasonably, and work together to become a whole. The team members were highly focused and cooperated with each other. In the failure over and over again, they kept communicating and summarizing. In the limited time, we basically mastered the technical points of the four projects and successfully completed the project challenges.

With the activity going on, everyone gradually entered the rhythm, from the beginning of one or two people to express their opinions, to the whole staff to actively discuss and take the responsibility for mistakes; from the beginning of group discussion to summarizing the reasons why the challenges were not completed, and then actively absorbing the good practices in the process of other groups' challenges; from the beginning of striving to complete the project challenges, to the later competition among the groups It further tempered the individual will, enhanced the team consciousness, cultivated the spirit of cooperation, and built the collective combat effectiveness. In every link of the activity, each group, under the leadership of the team leader, marched forward bravely and went all out to achieve the goal. The wisdom and courage of the team and individual created a wonderful moment. The scene of the activity was full of laughter, showing a positive, young and energetic atmosphere.

The half day activity is very short, but seeing the changes in the whole process of the activity, and seeing the smile on everyone's face finally, all show that this expansion activity is successful. I believe that through this activity, we have also realized the importance of unity and cooperation. Only when we work together, communicate actively and effectively, can we win and win-win results!

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