A novel coronavirus pneumonia volunteer support and support for new crown pneumonia prevention and control

来源: 天华院

In order to win the prevention and control of the epidemic, Tianhua academy actively responded to the requirements of the CPC Central Committee, the SASAC Party committee, the group company Party committee, the equipment company Party committee and the Organization Department of Lanzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China on organizing party members to make voluntary contributions to support the prevention and control of the epidemic. The members of the leading group of the Party committee took the lead in making donations and all branches took active actions, We will quickly organize voluntary donations from Party members to support the epidemic front line.

In the activity, the majority of non party members took initiative to actively participate in the donation activity after knowing the donation initiative launched by the Party committee of the company to the majority of Party members, fully showing the confidence and determination of Tianhua in taking responsibility and winning the epidemic prevention war, expressing their hearts and contributions to the epidemic prevention and anti epidemic.

In recent days, the working department of the Party committee of Tianhua academy has received a total of 118000 yuan of love donations from Party members, the masses, retired party members and old comrades. In addition to their busy work, many technical personnel stationed abroad contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic in various ways.

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