"Party members take the lead in planting green and protecting green" as an example

来源: 天华院

Spring returns to the earth, the grass and trees are beautiful, and it's time to plant trees again. In order to promote the "two learning and one doing" activities, guide Party members and cadres to enhance their awareness of voluntary service, and give full play to the pioneering and exemplary role of Party members, on April 10, 2020, Tianhua academy organized party members and volunteers to carry out the voluntary tree planting activities in lucoshan with the theme of "party members take the lead and take the lead, planting green as a model".

On the lushao mountain, the bright red party flag is waving in the wind, and the scene of tree planting is a busy scene. All the party members and volunteers participating in tree planting are enthusiastic and energetic. We will shovel and shovel soil, build earth cofferdam, lift water and pour water, and all links will be connected in an orderly manner, with tacit cooperation. After a morning's work, Tianhua Design & Research Institute has completed the following works as planned: desilting, land preparation, irrigation (60 mu), tree planting, environmental sanitation improvement, circuit maintenance, water pipe maintenance, hidden danger investigation and forest fire prevention knowledge training.

With hard work, we have perfectly interpreted the beautiful concept of ecological protection and harmonious coexistence, and contributed to the construction of a green Lanzhou with green mountains, green water and fresh air.

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