Luo Zemin, Secretary of Xigu District Party committee and his party visited Tianhua academy to guide the resumption of work

来源: 天华院

On novel coronavirus pneumonia, Luo Zemin, Secretary of the Xigu District Party committee, visited the Tianhua hospital on February 21, 2020 afternoon to inspect the resumption of work during the period of the new crown pneumonia prevention and control. Sun Zhong, Secretary of the Party committee, chairman and general manager of the company, Wang Zhijie, deputy general manager and Jia Hongqing, deputy director of safety were accompanied.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia and Luo Zemin's first visit to the Tianhua hospital experimental center, drying workshop and electrochemical workshop were conducted to observe the distribution of emergency supplies and temperature monitoring points of the company, and to understand the deployment of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and the work of resuming and resuming production.


Luo Zemin stressed that novel coronavirus pneumonia general secretary's important speech and directive spirit should be thoroughly implemented and the premise of preventing and controlling the epidemic situation should be well done. We should promote the recovery and rehabilitation of enterprises in an orderly way, and stick to the epidemic prevention and control at the same time, and grasp the production and development at the same time, actively coordinate the joint prevention and control of the disease, and help to fight the epidemic prevention and control Sniper War. "Luo Zemin"

Luo Zemin and his party affirmed the prevention and control work of Tianhua hospital. Luo Zemin pointed out that Tianhua academy is fast in action, practical in measures and orderly in its work. Novel coronavirus pneumonia and epidemic prevention work should be further strengthened.

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