Production of medical grade polypropylene raw materials with complete technical equipment of Tianhua hospital

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With the increasing supply pressure of medical and health protective equipment caused by the epidemic situation, the demand for medical grade polypropylene raw materials for the production of medical masks, protective equipment, injection equipment and other major materials is increasing rapidly. Tianhua hospital, taking advantage of its own technical advantages, is actively helping medical material manufacturers to rapidly expand their production and upgrade their technology.

As a scientific and technological enterprise with a history of more than 60 years of chemical equipment R & D and manufacturing, Tianhua Institute has a complete set of technology and equipment for the production of polypropylene melt blown materials, especially for the production of high fluidity medical melt blown materials. Its self-developed polypropylene extruders, dryers, steamers, centrifuges, feeders and other special equipment and complete sets of devices are qualified medical agglomerators produced by various factories Key equipment of propylene material.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, tianhuayuan rubber and plastic institute actively contacted the customers who produced the melt blown materials for the first time to provide them with remote technical support and spare parts support. At the same time, assist the subordinate enterprises of Yanshan Petrochemical Company to carry out technical transformation of tianhuayuan extrusion equipment installed in the early stage, so as to quickly convert to polypropylene melt blown material.

Tianhua Institute's complete set of melt blown materials equipment is being applied to a customer site specializing in the production of melt blown materials in Beijing

On February 19, Tianhua Design & Research Institute received a letter from CNPC's affiliated enterprises about the urgent production of polypropylene melt blown materials, hoping to provide them with the equipment needed for the production of polypropylene melt blown materials within 9 days. Tianhua rubber and plastic Institute immediately organized professional technical and production personnel to implement the technical plan and inventory situation. On the same day, the processing and assembly of the equipment was carried out. It is expected that the equipment can be delivered within 6 days and the installation and commissioning will start.

Tianhua Institute's professional technicians are assembling the equipment

On the same day, Tianhua drying Institute received the assistance from Yanshan Petrochemical Company to further reduce the smell of polypropylene melt blown materials. Tianhua drying Institute immediately organizes technical personnel to design the scheme, and completes the calculation and design on the same day, based on the research and development and use experience of low odor polypropylene equipment in the early stage. Due to the long processing cycle of particle centrifugal dryer, the key equipment in the scheme, Tianhua drying Institute and the professional and technical personnel of rubber and plastic Institute quickly formed a project team. After the coordination and communication of the team, they decided to send the centrifugal dryer in the experimental device of rubber and plastic Institute to Yanshan Petrochemical overnight.

In order to ensure relevant technical details, Zhao Xu, chief engineer of Tianhua Institute, Dou Yan, deputy director of Chemical Engineering Research Department, and Zhang Guoqiang, director of Chemical Machinery Research Department, went to the workshop of rubber and Plastics Institute to confirm the function, interface size and installation mode of the equipment. Li Jingfeng and Zhang Lei, engineers of rubber and Plastics Institute, quickly drew relevant drawings and carried out trial operation of the equipment, and worked overtime to guard the workshop until the goods were delivered The shipping company delivers the goods.

The polypropylene equipment produced by Tianhua Institute is waiting for delivery

Up to now, the full set of technology for the production of high fluidity medical melt blown materials of Tianhua hospital has been applied in many domestic medical material manufacturers. Polypropylene dryer (dryer), steam vaporizer, propylene refining unit and other special equipment and complete sets of units have also been used in the production of polypropylene fiber materials for medical use in PetroChina, Sinopec, Hengli petrochemical, Yuneng chemical, yanneng chemical, Zhejiang Petrochemical, Hongji petrochemical, China South Korea petrochemical, Zhongke petrochemical, Zhongjiang petrochemical, Weixing petrochemical, Sanjiang petrochemical, Zhongjing petrochemical, Lanzhou Petrochemical, etc Application in the device. At present, the operation of the equipment is stable, and the market share of polypropylene technology produced by Tianhua hospital has exceeded 90%, which effectively guarantees the supply of anti epidemic materials.

The refining units of Hengli polypropylene and polyethylene that have been put into production

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