"Epidemic" of social responsibility

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A novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has spread from Wuhan to the whole country, breaking the auspicious and peaceful vision of the new spring, affecting the hearts of the Chinese people. In order to overcome the disease that has been raging, the whole nation has been united in striving for a great battle.

Life is more important than Mount Tai. Epidemic is an order. Prevention and control is a responsibility.

On February 6, the State Press and Publication Administration issued a solemn call to the national publishing industry: strengthen publishing services to help win the prevention and control of the epidemic!

In this land of China, there is no absolutely safe rear at the moment, and there are no front lines without gunpowder everywhere. The blood of our great nation has been flowing with perseverance, love and human brilliance since ancient times.

As an academic journal, although we can't go to the front line, we also have an unshirkable responsibility in the field of anti epidemic. In order to work together with Hubei authors and overcome the difficulties, the Journal of chemical machinery and chemical automation and instrumentation submitted to the sponsor for approval, and decided to do its best to support Hubei. The preliminary plan is as follows:

1. novel coronavirus advertisements for novel coronavirus pneumonia were published in the first, second issue of chemical machinery magazine in 2020, second, third issue of chemical automation and instrumentation.

2. During the epidemic and post epidemic period (in 2020), Hubei authors (defined as the first author unit or the first author's ID card) will be given priority to publish articles free of charge. It is tentatively determined that each issue will not exceed 10% of the total number of articles published.

3. In 2020, all relevant enterprises in Hubei Province will enjoy half price discount for advertising in chemical machinery and chemical automation and instrument magazine.

Note: the paper should be selected in accordance with the scope of topics of the journal and strictly in accordance with the process of three reviews and three proofreading. It must be in line with the scope of topics and must be the first one (the citation rate must meet the requirements).

Although the haze of the epidemic has not yet dissipated, hope lies ahead. "Chemical machinery", "chemical automation and instrumentation" magazine is willing to join hands with the people of Hubei Province to fight the epidemic with a rational attitude and a healthy attitude.

No winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come.

May the mountains and rivers be safe, and all living beings be in good health!

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