All departments and offices of Tianhua hospital work together to ensure the "two correct" of epidemic prevention and control and production and operation

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At the critical juncture of "two-stage superposition" of epidemic prevention and return to work, all departments of Tianhua hospital overcame many difficulties, coordinated and coordinated, took multiple measures simultaneously, and actively carried out epidemic prevention and control work and return to work.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, Tianhua Institute of electrochemistry guaranteed the orderly operation and after-sales service through wechat, voice, video, telephone, app and other network office methods. After the resumption of construction, the "screen to screen" remote conference system was adopted, and the evaporator and acid cooler project of Zhejiang Jiafu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully won. At present, the bidding activity of the acid cooler of Yangzhou Co., Ltd. of Zhongjiang environmental protection project is undergoing technical exchange and business negotiation.

Tianhua hospital's testing station competed against the clock to implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, actively contacted the users who needed the inspection plan during the epidemic and carried out the inspection business during the epidemic. At present, Lanzhou Petrochemical has completed the procedures for entering the plant and entered its polyolefin workshop to carry out the inspection and maintenance of special equipment. The inspectors strictly abide by the provisions of epidemic prevention and control. Through rigorous and meticulous inspection and detection, the hidden dangers of special equipment are eliminated to ensure the safe operation of the production and installation of polyethylene raw materials.

Tianhua Institute of measurement and control is faced with various difficulties such as limited personnel communication and construction caused by the epidemic situation. In order to ensure that the operation service does not "break the chain", it actively communicates with customers, refines the on-site construction arrangements, and ensures the economic operation of the customer's devices. In view of the emergency shutdown of Sichuan Meifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. on February 17, the measurement and Control Institute responded 24 hours at high speed and arrived at the construction site the next day to dismantle the radioactive source. During the outbreak, technicians in Sichuan, Shanghai, Yunnan and other places were busy on the scene day and night to provide customers with uninterrupted service guarantee and minimize the negative impact of the outbreak.


On the one hand, tianhuayuan waste boiler Institute strictly implemented the company's epidemic prevention requirements, on the other hand, it actively overcame various difficulties, carried out production and operation through wechat communication software, e-mail, telephone and other online ways, and completed the signing of the contract for CNOOC asphalt conversion gas steam generator project, the personnel arrangement for the site construction of refractory lining of waste heat boiler in Dingzhou Tianlu standby platform, and the installation of equipment body Guidance work, etc., to meet the needs of users.

In the face of the epidemic situation, all cadres and staff of Tianhua hospital actively fulfill their social responsibilities, contribute to the local fight against the epidemic situation, do their best to guarantee the belligerence "epidemic", and ensure that both the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and the crucial battle of production and operation are well fought.

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