Nanjing company of Tianhua academy won the special contribution award of Binjiang high quality development

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On January 18, 2020, at the 2019 commendation conference of Nanjing Jiangning Binjiang Economic Development Zone, Nanjing Tianhua company affiliated to Tianhua academy won the "special contribution award for high quality development".

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, looking back on the past, striving and sweat, in exchange for today's joy and harvest; summing up the past, diligence and hard work, we can get today's happiness and success. In 2019, Nanjing Tianhua company earnestly implemented the requirements of Tianhua Institute's annual work meeting, firmly grasped the red line of safety and environmental protection, closely followed the two main lines of scientific research and production and project construction, and made great progress in all works.

In 2019, Nanjing Tianhua company was successively rated as the advanced unit of safety production in Binjiang Development Zone and the monthly model enterprise with outstanding contribution to industrial and economic development of Nanjing city. It obtained the certificate of safety production standardization level II Enterprise (machinery), passed the review and acceptance of dual prevention mechanism construction work, and completed the application of Nanjing harmonious labor relations model enterprise.

In the whole year, we focused on the manufacturing and delivery of equipment for key projects, such as Hengli Petrochemical phase IV, Hengli Petrochemical phase V, Fujian Baihong, Honggang petrochemical, xinfengming, etc., with 181 units (sets) delivered and 83 units (sets) under production, realizing an industrial output value of 581 million yuan.

The second phase of the project has completed the single acceptance of office building, the second production workshop, equipment foundation, etc., and is in the process of finishing the work of Plant Road, equipment installation, completion application for inspection, etc., with a total fixed asset investment of 144 million yuan and 244 million yuan.

Make full use of the policy advantages, increase the strength of scientific research projects and fund application, and obtain the industry support funds, industrial investment and key project incentive funds, industrial enterprise technology and equipment investment inclusive funds, patent subsidy funds, HSE and credit implementation special work funds, production and operation incentive funds, etc. of Jiangning District throughout the year.

In the old year, a thousand brocades have been exhibited, and in the new year, a hundred foot pole has been built. Achievements belong to the past, striving to win the future. Although it is the winter season when plum and snow compete for spring and the temperature is still cold, Nanjing Tianhua company has been a bustling scene of "pointing out the surging spring tide and setting sail for a new journey". In 2020, under the strong leadership of Tianhua Institute, Nanjing Tianhua company will unite as one and strive to be the first to ensure the successful completion of HSE, production and operation and all work tasks throughout the year, and then achieve good results.

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